Match Report 2002-2003

Saturday 16 November, 2002, Division One

Nottingham Forest away

Why not sack Nicky Law?

Nottingham Forest 3
Lester 1-0
Johnson 2-0
Louis-Jean 3-0
Bradford City 0

On the way back from this pasting the topic was thrown up in the air: Why not sack Nicky Law?

This was more of an open forum than a lynch mob. Whenever City lose and lose a lot the solution has always been to get the P45's out. Is that the way to go now?

Reasons to sack Nicky Law
Reasons to not sack Nicky Law

Perhaps it was the 3-0 defeat thing but it did seem like the "Ayes" had it. Personally I hope that Law's job does not come into question because I think he is building a good side at City with a good attitude. The Bantams were beaten in the first half today and once again it was a chronic inability to defend that did it but City gave a good account of themselves. Delroy Facey and Junajo are no one's dream partnership but given a touch more luck they might have fired City into the game.

As it was first half goals form the superior David Johnson, who looks to me like the best player in this Division, and before him former Grimsby Town man Jack Lester gave the home side an Australian innings advantage by the second half and City, for all the effort, never could have come back and so the long trek home.

The curious thing about this on the way back conversation was it's similarity to one we had last year after a 4-0 thumping at Birmingham City in which we asked what was to be gained by keeping Jim Jefferies at the club.

Jefferies, we concluded, was hamstring by the contracts he inherited and the quality of his squad. Within a few weeks Jefferies had left the club.

Man of the Match
Simon Francis

Made his debut at right back and looked very assured.

Bradford City Team
Mark Danks for Facey. Unused subs: Criag Fishlock, Nicky Beach, Paul Reid, Graeme Tomlinson.