The Michael Wood Column

Wednesday 29 May, 2002

Selling Twenty Three years for the Bantams

I have a 25 year season ticket. At present its only got a single stub and 23 tickets in it. I'd like to keep it that way.

When I signed up for life with Geoffrey Richmond's 25 year ticket I was proud to add a level of permanence to my support of City, but I also was hit between the eyes by one thing: Money.

The 25 year season ticket will save those City fans who have it stupid amounts of cash. It adds up to around six seasons paying, then nineteen for free. Its a great deal.

I don't want it anymore.

No, I do want it, but I will give it up. The club is in a fine financial fix. If a new owner is found then they will want to restructure the way that the finances of the club works. They will want to increase income. The 25 year tickets will be, for them, lost money. For the new owners us 25 yearers are getting free football for the next couple of decades. In the interests of welcoming new owners and enabling them to do their best for the Bantams I wants to sell twenty three years back.

What I propose is this. The new owner, if we can get one, writes to us 25 yearers and makes us an offer. We get our season ticket for this year and 2,000 for the remaining 23 years and for those years we queue up with the rest of the Bantams and pay the going rate.

Short term expenditure for the club for a long term gain and a constant revenue stream. I think it's fair. I think that most City fans will for go the savings of a 25 year ticket for the sureness of City continuing.

Hopefully a new buyer will be found soon. After that I'll keep watching the letter box.

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