The Jonathan Jackson Column

Saturday 10 November, 2001

Windass, Wetherall and Dividends

On Dean Windass

If Winders does move to Leicester, this will mean that City should get the rest of the fee owed on him immediately.

Another £500,000 is due and this would be more than welcome in Jim's bare cupboard.

On David Wetherall

Not sure I agree with BfB's sentiments about having no business selling him.

I reckon Jim needs to build a team year to push next season, rather than trying for the playoffs this term. Wetherall will be approaching 31 by then and is looking injury prone.

£1.5 million in the kitty would be good, and would see Jim a lot more active in the transfer market.

On Dividends

Despite all the cr@p written on this subject over the last 18 months, Bradford City Holdings have NOT paid £10million out in dividends.

They may well have DECLARED dividends worth that amount, but the figures from the annual accounts are:

Year end 30/6/1998 = nil
Year end 30/6/1999 = £293,000
Year end 30/6/2000 = £3.8million (interim)

The directors did not recommend a final dividend for year end 30/6/2000 and waived their rights to any dividends payable in 2000/2001.

As GR has approx 1/3 of the shares this means he has "taken" approx £1,300,000 out. Hardly in the category of "hands in the till" as some would believe and in my book, well deserved as a good percentage of the £4million will have come from profits made through UP FRONT and not the football club.

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