The Jonathan Jackson Column

Sunday 23 June, 2002

Is it better the devil we know or better the devil we don't?

So it now seems odds on that one of City's former owners will win the battle to take control of the "new" club, and some very interesting points have been raised by our esteemed editor in his new leader of 22 June.

What can't be doubted is the fact that the Rhodes family put cash in at the time that PJ went apeshit on the transfer market, but (at the risk of being slagged off by certain people of being a Richmondite again) I have very deep concerns about the possibility that the "silent half" of the board may win.

My biggest concern is why have they been so silent. I can understand not wanting to be the mouthpiece of VP, but when they are 50% of the liability of Bradford City Holdings doesn't it seem a tad strange that they haven't said a single word on the matter.

BfB indicates that Rhodes and Richmond haven't spoken for seven months. Does that mean that the company hasn't had a board meeting in seven months? Indeed has the whole administration situation been engineered by one of them to oust the other without having to buy him out?

Questions are asked if Rhodes rubber stamped GR's decisions over dividends, Beni and other big signings, but what about the possibility that decisions were forced on GR by the other party.

The Rhodes(s) have had, in some shape or form and so far only GR has been big enough to stand up and admit wrong decisions were made.

Who ever wins will need a big backer to make sure it doesn't happen again. It is an absolute certainty that as the "new" owner will be the "old" owner in some shape or form, the PFA and FL will only allow us back into the league if the redundant players have their redundancies rescinded or are paid up in full. Have the Rhodes got the cash themselves or a backer who has?

Richmond may not have, but Gordon Gibb has. Flamingoland is one of the biggest theme parks in the North, and has had millions invested in it over the last decade. Lets hope he intends to put some of that cash our way.

Groans will go up all over Bradford at whatever the result, but whichever way it falls its better than no BCFC.

My money is on Richmond, but he HAS to resolve the player situation to everyone's satisfaction and kill off once and fall any antagonism that has built up at other clubs over it for the whole thing to end with a sweet taste.

But for now we sit and wait. When the brown stuff hits the whirly thing, you know Messrs Moore & Brackenbury have made their final decision. I hope its soon, because the uncertainty is killing me.

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