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Tuesday 02 July, 2002

'Respeck' Mr Taylor

They say it takes a big man to swallow his pride and admit he was wrong, and I have to admit I was wrong about Gordon Taylor and the PFA, so in the words of Ali G "RESPECK".

It also seems that there are some supporters of Bradford City who need to stand up and say they were wrong about the current board.

Tonight, despite a couple of inane questions and statements, Mr Richmond stood up won the night. He (again) admitted he was wrong in the way he had acted in spending money the club hadn't got, (money that many supporters would have had him spend ten fold if they had their way), nearly admitted the dividends were wrong and put on a united front with Prof Rhodes in outlining how the club could move forward. More importantly how they want to be there to move it forward.

Like most people I had hoped that a Shining White Knight would charge in, buy the club and set us back on the road to glory.

The hard facts are there are no knights. There is no takeover, the company that leaves administration will be the same one that entered it, with a deal to save the club being put together by the current owners by way of raising finance to offer a CVA and fund the club on comparatively meagre terms for the foreseeable future.

No one out of the 25 or so other interested parties wanted to know when the facts and figures were known. No one actually wanted to buy the club

No one except Geoffrey Richmond & the Family Rhodes. Love them or hate them (and many do), the current owners are the only ones who have put their money where there mouths are and put together a package that will result in BCFC remaining in the Football League. Those who say they will no longer support the club if Mr Richmond returns are fools to themselves.

If Prof Rhodes hadn't put in the 400,000 to fund administration until the end of July then BCFC would have died on Sunday 30th June.

Likewise if Gordon Taylor and the PFA hadn't agreed to fund the players wages until the club came out of administration, we would have no BCFC come August 10th.

We can't (and wont) go out and sign 10,000 p/w Bosmans like Greenacre or paying transfer fees for anyone (because we can't sign any players at all unless others have left until the PFA loan has been repaid). We probably won't be in the playoff shake up, and this is likely to be the situation for a couple of seasons at least.

We shouldn't expect it either.

It all makes grim reading if all you want is glory. Me, I like glory but I'd rather have a BCFC of any description than one that risks its very being in the pursuit of that glory.

So the King is dead, Long live the King and to Gordon Taylor, Brendan Batson and Mick McGuire of the PFA I humbly apologise. You have played a massive part in (hopefully) saving this club and I thank you.

To Mr Richmond, Prof Rhodes and Co my message is simple. Ignore the snipers, get on with the job of rebuilding Bradford City (slowly if that is what is required) but please don't f**k up again.

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