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Thursday 01 August, 2002

Show Us Some Dignity Mr Moore

I used to have great respect for Ronnie Moore, the Rotherham Manager and former Tranmere icon.

Back in the mid 80's when Tranmere were perennial strugglers at the bottom of the then division four, I was asked by a work colleague to go to Tranmere one Friday night to watch the match that they had to win to stay in the League.

Ronnie Moore was Tranmere captain, and after a tense 90 minutes Tranmere beat Exeter 1.0 and for some strange reason I got caught up in the euphoria and ended up on the pitch helping to chair said Mr Moore off it. (Followed by a boozy session in the Mersey Clipper with half the Exeter City first team squad !)

Since then I've always had a soft spot for the Trannies and for Ronnie Moore, but not any more (Mr Moore).

A lot of crazy things have been said by many football chairmen and the like over this long hard summer. A lot of them disparaging toward Bradford City and its attempts to survive.

Non come more banal or deliver such a feeling of sour grapes with them as the latest diatribe from Big Ron.

Having been one of the fiercest critics of the Administrators decision to sack the players, It seems now that he is unhappy with the PFA's role in helping to save BCFC and hence save the jobs of the same players.

Unhappy that is that the PFA have had the temerity to loan us money to survive.

The keyword here Mr Moore is loan, repayable, with interest and therefore a profit making investment for said PFA.

Mr Moore it would seem would rather that we were left to die, because we overstretched ourselves, had ambition to be a contender and generally wanted to become part of the establishment.

Is this the real reason Ronnie ? or could it be more to do with the dashing of your hopes to pick up players like Myers and Jess on the cheap, like a vulture waiting to tear the pieces of a dying man.

The real answer will never be known, but honourable football men who have , like you and us, spent years feeding on the scraps at the bottom end of the leagues should show a bit more solidarity and support.

Admittedly Bradford City have been fools, and have made an almighty mess out of trying to better themselves, but we have also been one of the sets of supporters chucking loose coins into buckets to try save the likes of Newport County, Lincoln City and others.

We wouldn't wish what you appear to suggest on anyone (even LEEDS) and it would pay to remember that you could well be the next calling place of the liquidators.

Whose support will you look for then ?

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