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Sunday 22 September, 2002

Mike Dean: That Tosser

Why does it always happen to us? Are the morons who officiate at Valley Parade handpicked from a pile marked "Bradford City - ha we'll soon sort that lot out"

With the possible exception of the idiot who "reffed" the match V Man City at the end of 00/01 and failed to send Nicky Weaver off for wrestling Ashley Ward to the ground, I don't think I have seen a referee so biased, one sided or oblivious to blatant cheating as Mike Dean was yesterday.

This is not a biased rant from a wronged City fan. This is a statement of fact. Burnley players cheated the referee into sending off two City players. Blatant cheating.

1. Mark Bower

Ok so the first challenge may have been a foul because although Bower did take the ball cleanly, there was a slight suspicion that he came from round the back. But it wasn't a booking offence. The only act in that challenge that anyone could have been booked for the theatrical dive by that dirty cheating one time east end launderette owner Opapopadopalous who threw himself into the air as soon a Bower got near him.

Likewise challenge 2. Minimal contact, theatrical dive. It should have been the cheating claret who went.

Brian Phelps eat you heart out.

2. Danny Cadamarteri

Did Danny elbow him? Look back a week at Beckham V Bowyer. Clear contact, Beckham rising to head the ball, yellow card. Most people are split on this one. Some say it was deliberate and should have been red, some say clumsy and yellow was right.

Now look at this one. Danny and West go up, West collapses.

Did you see contact, did you see an elbow go back. Or did you simply see two players jump, the ball land somewhere between their heads and one of them drop like a dead grouse shot with a sawn off shooter.

The referee was a full 20 yards away, the linesman maybe 2 yards. The referee had his red card out even before he set off running to the incident, and I was 100% convinced that he was sending West off for cheating.

Doesn't even speak to his prat of linesman, who likewise hasn't the balls to tell him the truth and off goes Danny.

To add insult to injury that fat little tellytubby twat [I think he means Robbie Blake- MW] goes and scores, and then does what he does best, flatters to deceive against a team that are struggling (in this case only due to lack of numbers).

Referees are getting worse by the week, are arrogant and spoil good football matches. You only need to read one or two reports a week to see this. Perfect example. Rotherham V Brighton yesterday. Linesman apparently flagging like crazy for offside is overruled by the ref who then allows the Rotherham player to go on and score.

Arrogance in the extreme. What message does this give the linesman. It says "I'm the ref and I decide, you shut up until I need you".

I might not have a clue what can be done about referees, but I do know one thing.

Burnley Football Club has players, Greek whatever his name is and Dean West, in particular who are cheats and should be ashamed of themselves.

I also know that Nicky Law would not have tolerated that kind of behaviour in his players.

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