The Jonathan Jackson Column

Sunday 3, May 2003

Jonathan Jackson Senior Player Of The Year Award 2003

Where do you start when looking at the "Senior" player of the year, when much of our problems this year have come from the over 30 brigade being long term injured, leaving the Lawmeister to rely on youth.

Lets have a look at the candidates !

Gary Walsh: Great keeper, our number one choice, but can't stay injury free for more than 3 matches. Missed 95% of the season and looks crocked. Season rating 1/10.

Aiden Davison: Part of me would love to be able to acclaim Aiden, but he is too inconsistent to be a great keeper. 6/10.

Wayne Jacobs: Mr Consistency and a great servant. Fully fit and playing 40 plus games he would walk this award every time, but he isn't fully fit and hasn't managed the games.

David Weatherall: Ditto Wayne Jacobs, classy, cool and (normally) consistent. A full season next year and he will be our backbone, but missing too much this term. 6/10.

Robert Molenaar: Irrational and slow but a great stopper, who when he is good is very very good, but when he is bad he is horrid. Built like the old Division 4 centre halves that we used to love. Injury prone and therefore never in the running. 5/10.

Ashley Ward: What can you say in a few words about Ashley ? If football were a 12 a side game and tactics were always 4.4.3, then every team should have one ! Regrettably its not and for all the effort and guts Ash puts into his game, he just does not score enough goals. A modern day John Hawley, but JH used to find the onion bag. I can't knock him down for the injuries, as they all result from his courage, but the lack of goals will always mark him down. 6/10.

Peter Atherton: I think Aths is Nicky's kind of player, and believe he adds the steel and guile to midfield that we will need next year. If he takes the pay cut and stays I for one will be delighted. As with Wayne Jacobs, a full season would leave him as a true contender but the injuries have killed his chances. 7/10.

At this point, I am running out of candidates fast, and apologise if I have missed anyone, although special mention has to go to Jamie Lawrence as an Ex Senior Player. All action, gun toting hard man. Jamie you will be missed and we salute you. 7/10.

Which brings me nicely around to just about the only choice left!

Gus Uhlenbeek: At times infuriating, but like Jamie, "Gooose" is all action and makes up for lack of finesse with effort. Better going forward that on the backfoot, but still worth another punt if he will take Gibbos 1,500 per week.

Like most of the 30 some things, he wouldn't come within in a country mile (this season) of being the true "Player Of The Year", but as the least injured, he stands out from the bunch.

Mr Uhlenbeek, I award you the inaugural "Jonathan Jackson Senior Player Of The Year Award".

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