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Tuesday 15 January, 2002

A home truth for you if you want Richmond out

Geoffrey Richmond had to defend himself and issue an "I'm not quitting" statement at City's AGM last night.

The idea of Geoffrey Richmond having to defend his work at Bradford City is insulting. Whats more, it's stupid and if you are one of the people who has brought this about, you are stupid.

See also: an idiot, a fool, a waste of brain power.

Of course if you are not one of the anti-Richmond clan I do not mean you. You guys don't have to read anymore. Click here to go back to the front page [or try here if you wan to see the other Roland Harris web site.]

All gone? Good.

It is time for a few home truths about Bradford City. It might not make pleasant reading but here it is.

Bradford City have no right to be 17th in the first division. In fact to be honest if it was left to the likes of you Richmond Out people, we would not be anywhere. You people are destructive, not constructive.

You see the problem at City is that no one really gives a toss. I mean in a put your house and home and health on the line sense of care, not in the I get angry at matches sense of the word. Sure I love City, but would I put a couple of million into the club? Would I put Grannie's saving bonds of £650 in? No.

No one gave a toss until Richmond came along.

Why Geoff is bothered about us is anyone's guess. His wife is a Bradford lass, perhaps the answer lies in that. Nevertheless Richmond has gone through more in his eight years at City than almost any City fan because he backed it up with his money and his time.

But Geoff aside, no one else cares and whats more when you take a look around, you will do well to find anyone who is prepared to invest the same as Richmond, both in time and money.

So the bottom line is that Richmond is not the sort of person you deliberately get rid of from a club. You keep him, for the same reasons that you keep a player like Stuart McCall, because he cares.

And in football, million, billion pound football all soulless and ITVed, that is rare.

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