The Roland Harris Column

Thursday 01 August, 2002

Lets make sure we do it right this time

Does this sound hard? I never want to see Ashley Ward wearing a Bradford City shirt again.

I'll add a few more names to that list: Peter Atherton, Andy Myers, Eoin Jess, Robert Molenaar, Juanjo, Andy Tod and Aidan Davison. Nothing personal fellas, you just are not worth it.

Worth it being worth the stress of the last few months. Worth what me and a load of other City fans have had to go through since the 10th of May. You guys are not worth me not being able to sleep at night wondering if I will have a football club to follow next year. You are not worth my mate Ian splitting up with his Mrs of two years because he cracked up under the pressure. Your not worth it.

Let's do things right now. Lets get the right people in.

Tom Kearney is our model. His attitude has been spot on since arriving. Point Michael Standing and Danny Cadamarteri towards him and we won't go far wrong. Point them all towards Wayne Jacobs, who I would like to see given a coaching role by the club when he wants it, as how to conduct yourself as a professional.

Claus Jorgensen I like. He knuckled down despite being ignored and when the call came he was up for it. Can you say that or Juanjo? Of Eoin Jess? Of Andy Tod? No. So goodbye.

It really isn't anything personal, well perhaps it is. How personal was Andy Tod's handball at Rotherham that gave us a few ore weeks stress of relegation? How personal is the fact that Peter Atherton's constant no shows have almost cost me my club? How personal is it when Eoin Jess strolls around the field sucking up the club's money which i really do consider my money?

We have seen the value of money, even stupid football money, and we need to make sure we get value for the money. I'm not just talking about players who run themselves stupid ala Stuart McCall, we got good value out of the wizard Peter Beagrie but we need too get Beagrie/McCall levels of effort from everyone who pulls on a Bradford City shirt from today til the end of time.

We have seen now the value of that money. We stressed and sweated and cried and worried and I will be damned if we allow a penny of that money we scraped together to save our club to go into the pockets of wasters.

From this day forth if you will not give it all, you shoudl get nothing form City or City fans.

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