The Roland Harris Column

Wednesday 06 November, 2002

Singh when your winning

I don't want an Asian player playing for Bradford City.

I don't want an Italian. I'm not bothered about having a couple of Dutchmen and I could not give a tosser if our leader was a Scot from Leeds.

I don't want countries, I want players, good players.

Harpal Singh and Delroy Facey, not exactly names to conjure with but who many people had really heard of Michael Proctor or Stephen Warnock when they arrived? To be honest how many had heard of Paul Evans?

These are low key signings for a club that needs a big boost. At the moment City's early season form has gone out with the tide. Too many players have knocks, needs rest and can't have it. As a club we need more bodies, Singh and Facey do that, but are either of them the stuff to pick this club off the floor?

Everton are not going to lend us Wayne Rooney so I guess we have to shop at the end of the market we can afford to and at least Nicky Law has addressed the problems of a lack of pace in the team and a lack of left sided midfield players but I do not like the idea of signing Bolton/Huddersfield's speedy forward while we leave Danny Forrest in the reserves. Forrest will never get good if he is neglected and we will be left with another Gareth Grant situation where a talent rots for the want of a run in the team.

We need a lift. I hope Singh gives us it, I hope Facey gives us it. If they do I will not give a toss if they are bright green but I'm not every City fan so I'm hoping that our first big Asian signing has a big debut and lets his football make the point for him.

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