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Thursday 07 November, 2002

Delroy is the end of the line for Ashley

"Harpal Singh, Harpal Singh, Harpal Singh". It's like Chris Dolby never existed. City have signed a Asian footballer and suddenly there is nothing else to talk about in Bradford. Well after the arse that was the 2008 decision perhaps there isn't.

I'm looking forward to seeing Singh play, he could be a good find like Matthew Etherington. I have to say that I think they guy must be tapped in the head. Why sign a three year deal, why play at all, for a bunch of racist yobs as the disgrace that follow Leeds are is beyond me. Is he making a point about getting along in a world that is against him? If I can make it here then you can make it anywhere.

He is either very brave or very stupid. He is also stealing the spotlight from my man Facey.

Why my man? Well just I we have Chesterfield fans in the extended Harris clan we have a few Town too and I have been known to go to the Mac.

When I go I pretend to be one of the idiots around me at Valley Parade. You know, those guy who seem to have turned up just to boo the boys. That's what I do when I'm on undercover ops at Huddersfield only I mean it more.

Delroy Facey on the other hand escapes a boo from me. The guy is a worker, a fast one too, and he will show our 18,000 a week man up.

Ashley Ward moans, oh how he moans. Someone has pulled his shirt does he follow the ball and try get the shot? No he turns to the ref and shouts. Delroy follows the ball.

Our Ashley is a good hold up man but does not seem to relish the job of holding up. Delroy plays with a smile. He plays like a guy who wants to be there, or did at least.

Ash is a one trick pony. If the ball is not delivered exactly how he likes it, he cannot do anything with it. Delroy has a few more tricks in his bag.

Delroy is fast and can get behind a man. He should stay closer to his strike partner true, but at least when he drifts to the wing and gets the ball he can beat a man. He has pace to burn.

Phsyically he is big too. He poises a threat from corners and throws because of this. He lacks Ashley Ward's skill on the ball but has more in the way of strength.

BfB called Delroy Facey the low rent Emile Heskey. I'll go with that. His style is very much like the vintage Heskey at Leicester City when he played on the counter attack. Get the ball, run fast with it and be hard to knock off it.

Harpal Singh might get the column inches in teh run up to the game but Delroy will be the name after I'm saying. We need a man to get us a win against Wimbledon and Delroy is the man to do it.

And when he does City fans will see that there is an alternative to paying someone 18,000 to coast along using a tenth of his talent.

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