Getting it back together: The 2003-2004 Preview

Will we miss the old boys?

By Roland Harris

A dozen or so players left City this summer but in most, but not all, cases Bantam's fans will be glad to see the back of them...

Will miss

Claus Jorgensen

City without Jorgi, not something that will be hard to get used to because after all managers had to be forced to pick him anyway. Still when the ball breaks back from the strikers and we are looking for someone to whack it goal wards we will miss Claus Jorgensen. Excellent player and one that could have done a great job for us this season.

Glad he did no get the mission impossible of replacing Joe Cole at West Ham but should have done better than Coventry.

Would miss

Gary Walsh

We would miss the Walshy that provided a brick wall to get us into the Premiership but he was never fit and frankly most of the time we were paying him to be injured. Great keeper when not crocked though.

Gus Uhlenbeek

Notice that Nicky Law has not really bothered replacing Gus. Gareth Edds can play his role but you get the feeling that the throw everything forward right back that Gus and Gunnar Halle were might be things of the past at City and the steady hand of Simon Francis will be the state of affairs now. Still a drop down to Chesterfield is a bit odd.

Robert Morgan

Not sure why the juniors skipper was released but from everything I have heard he is the sort of player that could get back into the football league.

Would never miss

Ashley Ward

The target of abuse man. City are up to 18,000 a week better off true but the real boon of getting rid of Ward is that we will not have to suffer watching him on a Saturday. Depressing footballer.

Andy Myers and Robert Molenaar

To centrebacks who were glad to take Premiership wages for lower First Division performances. Will not be missed.

Aidan Davison

Master of the half assed punch and the flap. Mark Paston looks so much better, Hell Aaron O'Malley looks better.

Andy Tod

I'll miss Tody if only for his guts and all displays as a forward but the club will not miss him cause he got paid too much and didn't do enough.


How would we miss Juanjo? I mean he never played anyway.

Mark Danks

I bet Mark Danks though he had it made when City picked him up from Wolves cast off pile but a reported bad attitude means that despite his goal he never got offered a new deal and Danny Forrest filled his role in the squad anyway.

Stefan Magnusson

Good keeper but frequently injured and we have done that before.

Andy Lee, Craig Fishlock and Keith Brodie

At Liverpool if a young player is not good enough to move onto the next step to the first team, they ship them out. Three ship outs.