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Wednesday 12 February, 2003

Who should stay as the Premiership boys contracts come up?

14 players are out of contact at Valley Parade in the summer. David Wetherall and Wayne Jacobs are not included, they snuck into Nicky Law's office during the season and got extensions leaving the club pondering the future of the following:

Aidan Davison, Stefan Magnusson & Gary Walsh

City need a keeper overhaul. Davison is too average and you always worry that he might upset the dressing room with his, erm, antics. Gary Wlash struggles with injury and frankly if the base of a good team is a constant keeper selection then Walsh is going to suffer. Magnusson has yet to play and may get a new one year deal although limping off after a few minutes in the reserves does not fill one with hope.
Should we offer a new deal?  Get Alan Combe in as number one and maybe keeper Magnusson as back up. Wave bye bye and wish luck to Gary Walsh, wave to Aidan Davison.

Tom Kearney

There was a time when Tom Kearney was the great white hope of Valley Parade. Danny Forrest takes that role now following Kearney's near season long lay off with injury but the attitude shown by the former Everton midfielder in recouperating and his andounted abilities suggest that he is a a man to have around next season.
Should we offer a new deal?  Another one year deal and have him as starting holding midfielder for the club next term.


Looked good for twenty minutes but the fact that Jim Jefferies spent ten months at Valley Parade planning the signing of this light weight, no bottle winger says much about our former manager. A waste of space.
Should we offer a new deal?  No way. Let him slink off to Kilmarnock.

Peter Atherton

Never had a chance to do his best at City owing to injury and looked pretty useful in some roles but is paid much for a little return and only really filling in for Tom Kearney in midfield at the moment.
Should we offer a new deal?  No. He wants too much money and delievers too little.

Robert Molenaar

Big bad Bob. Has made a Bradford City career out of filling in for David Wetherall and manages to be a collosus one week and gut wrenchingly bad the next. With the emergence of Mark Bower, Simon Francis and Robert Morgan only one of Molenaar and Wetherall should be kept on and Wetherall has already signed a new deal.
Should we offer a new deal?  No. He is too expensive to have around if he cannot be guaranteed a first team slot.

Gus Uhlenbeek

Gus only wanted a one year deal at City, we wanted him for longer. That was until Simon Francis, who Nicky Law likes as a right back and now Gus must wish he had gone for more.
Should we offer a new deal?  No. Give the place to Francis.

Andy Myers

Found his level at the foot of the first division. Looked capable but nothing else.
Should we offer a new deal?  No. Has not done enough this year to suggest he should and even though he was player of the season for many last year I thought he had found a level. Not worth keeping.

Claus Jorgensen

The best prospect in the Division let along at City. Exciting young midfielder with an eye for goal and the sort of attitude that Stuart McCall had. Is reported to have been offered a new deal.
Should we offer a new deal?  Yes, as soon as possible. Far too good to let go.

Jamie Lawrence

God bless Jamie Lawrence. What does football do with aging wingers? We tried to play him inside but that did not work that well. Has a great attitude and is a good influence but it's hard to see him being offered a new contract.
Should we offer a new deal?  If he would take 80,000 then yes, otherwise bid him farewell.

Robert Morgan

Bradford born captain of the juniors. Potientially powerful centrehalf who is progressing well and should be getting his debut sooner rather than later.
Should we offer a new deal?  Yes.

Andy Lee

Winger who has failed to make the break through.
Should we offer a new deal?  Not unless Nicky Law knows something about Lee that we do not.

Lewis Emanuel

The club have an option of an extension on Lewis' contract and following his impressive move into midfield I think we should sign him long term. It is said that Lewis has got over the personal problems he had after coming into the team and now he looks set to become a real prospect at City.
Should we offer a new deal?  Very much so.

Craig Fishlock

The club have an option of an extension on the Fishlock contract. If Nicky Law is looking at bringing in more midfielders then it might not be worth offering Fishlock a new deal but Stephen Warnock rated him and he could be worth keeping on.
Should we offer a new deal?  Perhaps.

Mark Danks

Scored in the FA Cup but Danny Forrest is the new man up front now and Danks is history.
Should we offer a new deal?  No.

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