The Michael Wood Column


Michael has his seat at the front of the top bit of the Kop for the next 25 years abut is worried that the kids he got the seats behind might grow into Ian Ormondroyds and block his view.

His first game was with his brother's school trip in 1981 (Hereford, 0-1). He is 28 at the start of the 2001-2002 season.

He thinks Edinho should be brought into the coaching structure and has a £20 note signed personally to him by Beni Carbone that his Mrs will not let him put up on the wall. -RH

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Back to the land of dreams

Unexpected, even to the last minute, that was City's promotion. The season twisted like the game at Wolverhampton that day. Started badly, we took over, close at the end. That free kick, curled into the inside of Gary Walsh's goal and away by Jon Dreyer, will be the City supporting moment that I will take to my grave. Never before or since have I seen anything in football that seemed so fated.

I fear for City if the Richmond Out brigade find a voice on Saturday

I am hoping to deviate from most defences of Geoffrey Richmond. Most defences of Richmond run along these lines: When Geoffrey Richmond picked us up we were a debt ridden struggling Second Division club. He took us to the Premiership, we stayed there and even though we came down, we have a seat at the Premiership Two table, which means a brighter future for City than had the man not joined us.

Why the price is right for Carbone

Carbone can be head and shoulders above everyone else in the division and as a result so can City, as long as we allow Beni to set the tone. Make Beni the hub of the team, not just a talented forward who we can not build too much around in case he is off soon.

Why it is worth missing Bradford City in the Premiership

So, for a while, City stood up and took a few blows for fans of clubs without a list of honours and by sticking in the top flight when we were 12 months overdue a return to lower league football we signalled to all the unacceptable faces of football that you can, if you want, upset the apple cart. It's worth remembering when Liverpool walk out in the UEFA cup final that they are only there on not in the Champions League because we, shoddy, unfashionable, not box office and unacceptable Bradford City, put them in that competition. The script said that we went quietly back to play our football and not bother Premiership people and we said no.

Benito walks into Us and Them

Benito Carbone is a softly spoken guy and to be honest half way back in the Bantams Bar we couldn't hear a word he said. We clapped anyway. This was not just about greeting Beni. This was us v them.