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Peter Beagrie added August 2001

For the uninitiated Beagrie as a left winger who terrified the best right backs in the land, who's courage to perform was second to none and who's attitude, despite coming to Valley Parade with a cloud of bad temperament rumours around him, was second to none.

Bobby Campbell added September 2001

Bobby Campbell was a terrific player. Forget all the stories for now, and we do get to them, and concentrate on the man on the field. Strong, powerful a shot like an a canon.

Cec Podd added October 2001

If you saw Bradford City in the seventies or early eighties, you saw Cec Podd.

John Hendrie added November 2001

There is a type of City fan, of which I am no doubt one, who can trace a memory back to a certain point in the mid eighties sparked off by a single phrase: "Skin 'em Johnny"

Chris Waddle added December 2001

Waddle amazed. Even now after two seasons in the Premiership and a Peter Beagrie I have not seen a better trapper and controller of a ball. His passing and vision is still the yardstick to which Benito Carbone and Lee Sharpe are measured against.

Don Hutchins added January 2002

Back when Train was not a synonym for being later or never turning up City had Don Hutchin on the wing. Direct, fast and unstoppable, in the 1970's he was "The Train".

Dean Richards added February 2002

It would be a lie to say that as soon as you saw Dean Richards you knew he was going on to better things.

Edinho added March 2002

There was a moment at Valley Parade, well, ten minutes to be exact, when football changed and Bradford City was never the same again. Edinho was at the centre of this moment, a moment which is forever etched into the fabric of the club we follow.

Stuart McCall added April 2002

Stuart McCall was the greatest football ever to play for Bradford City.

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