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Inductee September 2001

Bobby Campbell

Bobby Campbell was a terrific player. Forget all the stories for now, and we will get to them later, and concentrate on the man on the field.

Physical, he was the no nonsense centreforward. His physical power lay in his upper body, he was able to shrug off defenders, able to climb higher and win headers against taller men. When Bobby Campbell was on the ball he only gave it up when he was good and ready.

Which brings us to the second facet of Campbell the player, what he could do with a ball. His shot was frighteningly powerful, low very often and hard as you like keepers struggled to get down quick enough to stop Bobby's strikes.

Campbell came to City after a string of clubs had passed on him. During the early eighties he notched some 143 goals over two spells at VP including 121 in the league, 5 FA Cup, 11 in the league cup and six other.

Of all Bobby's goals one stands out, his single strike in the 1-0 home win over the might of Liverpool at Valley Parade in a 1-0 win in 1981. Campbell nipped to the ball to poke home securing him back page headlines, Those that saw it say that Campbell, on that day, looked like a player who could have gone much further in game. Indeed at one point he did. Campbell went to Spain for the 1982 World Cup as part of the Northern Irish squad that shocked the hosts 1-0 in the first round.

When Roy McFarland left City for Derby County he took Campbell with him to the Baseball Ground, handing cash strapped City a fair fee for his services. It did not work out, it never was going to, and Campbell returned cut price not long later.

But that is not the whole story of Bobby Campbell, that is not the reason why Campbell has the supporters bar at Valley Parade named after him.

For those who never saw him play Bobby Campbell is more legend than fact. Stories of Bob have been told and retold around the pubs of Bradford and without wanting to suggest there is any truth in any of the follow, here are some of the things that they said Bob did:

The legend of Bobby Campbell

Bobby Campbell left City for Wigan in October 1986 and finished top league goal scorer for Latics in both his seasons at Springfield Park.

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