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Wednesday 14 November, 2001

A life sentence

Having supported City for 30 years, I suppose it was inevitable that one day I would end up with a life sentence, though I thought it was more likely to be for killing the (current) wife for talking through "Goals on Sunday" than a seat in the Kop for the next 25 years for the measly sum of £2,250.

Hard to imagine that not only will I be 62 by the time it expires, but so will Stuart McCall!

Devotion to the cause is nothing new, taking the opportunity to pay a mere £4.00 per match hardly qualifies me for the supporter of the year award (I don't attend enough away matches for that) but how many can directly attribute the beginning of the end of a marriage to one particular football match ?

Let me take you back to the end of season 1987/88. The so called "nearly season" when the best team ever to grace C&A (until 1999 that is) was flying high at the top of the old Second Division.

Step up Mrs Jackson numero uno.

Silly sod wants to move from Wibsey to Gomersall, finds a house, sells ours, gets me to agree to the move and calmly announces that we will be moving on the last Saturday of the regular football season.

Not a chance says I, we are at home to Ipswich, points might still be needed to see us up amongst the big boys, don't you understand what this means. Obviously not, I become the villain, this is her dream house, what does one match matter, there's plenty more? What's so good about getting promoted anyway?

ENOUGH WOMAN. The foot goes down and the move must be after the play offs or not at all. Fair enough says she, IT's NOT AT ALL . The deposit on the house is relinquished, the buyers for our house told to find somewhere else, goodbye relationship and (eventually) divorce papers served.

Well that's the macho version, there were other circumstances as well. I stand by my claim that BCFC put the final nail in the coffin, but I suppose that's just the romantic in me !

As for the second... Well at least she has been to Valley Parade and she did let me buy the "Life Sentence" (kicking and screaming about the cost of a new kitchen) so she can't be such a bad old stick can she ?

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