The Jonathan Jackson Column

aka Jacko, aka Mr Optimistic



Supporting City since a foetus

Tottenham Hotspur in FA Cup was my first home match & Luton away in the cup (1974) my 1st away match.

Favourite shout "Get your arse movin' Blake you handbag mincing b**tard" or "For f**ks sake Tinky Winky (Blake)"

Best ever City 11

Ces Podd Roy (McB**tard) McFarland Cooke (Big Joe Cool) Jakes
The Waddler McGod Mad Man Abbo Don Hutchins
Sir Jimmy Quinn Big Bobby Campbell

Subs: John Hendrie, Tommo, Mark Zico Leonard, Nigel Hard Man Pepper, Eddie Even Harder Youds

Manager/Coach Cherry & Yorath (but not individually)


Richmond Out? Are You Completely Off Your Head?

"The fools who rush in" also say that amongst other things, Geoff only deals with 2 agents because they give him "bungs", that seats in the ground have been "sold" to a leasing company to raise funds and are being leased back by BCFC, that GR is responsible for the signings and picks the team, that it is his fault that we have no effective youth development scheme because he has starved it of money and that Bradford City Holdings Ltd is some sort of scam company set up so Geoff and his co directors can cream money out of BCFC.

Jim Jefferies: Will He Fall or Is He Being Pushed?

JJ's big problem is the Ginger God. Even at 37 he is still a class act, but JJ has a power struggle on his hands that he seems intent to win. Using Stuarts age as a tool its a battle he can't win, because despite JJ's attempts to convince us, we know that Stuart's legs haven't gone and his heart pounds on stronger. His importance to the team as captain is greater than the sum of its parts.