The Jonathan Jackson Column

Sunday 10 February, 2002

Throw The Bulls Out Now

So a little bit of rain and our eagerly awaited tie against a Birmingham team that were well beatable is off.

And what for. Ok so it has rained quite a bit over the weekend, but nowhere near on the scale that fell up to and during the Leeds match last season.

Nope, comrades we have lost the highlight of our weekend, our reason for getting up today to the Bradford Bulls and Sky TV.

Mr Richmond, of whom I am a devout supporter normally, has got this one well and truly wrong. The decision to allow the Bulls to use our pitch the day before a City league match has hurt us the supporters, BCFC, and ITV Digital.

In a way I hope ITV digital sue BCFC for loss of revenue. This would at least drive the message home that we can not and in future will not be pushed around by Caisley and his mob or their pocket lining cohorts at Sky TV.

For Christ sake, Superleague isn't even a sport. Its a procession of cheerleaders and big screen replays dreamt up to keep a dying game alive for a few more years. Its about as tactical as a game of offground tig or tin can squat. Its all hype and it won't belong before it finally gives up the ghost and goes away.

The decision to allow the bulls to play, stinks and we should all get straight on the phone or e-mail to express our dissatisfaction at BCFC and their weak spined decision to give into Caisley & Sky.


At least they lost. (Here, here- Ed.)

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