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Friday 17 May, 2002


Well that's how they marked time after the D-Day landings, so I suppose this article should be titled A plus 1 (Administration plus 1 day)

So a day on and what are the feelings? I certainly felt angry about the situation engineered at the supporters meeting last evening. I wasn't there so I am only reporting what others have told me.

It appears whenever a difficult question or opinion came up, they were shouted down by others (were these 'others' planted there to do exactly this? who knows) but maybe they did their jobs well if the administrators are taking that meeting as a gauge of public support for the club.

At last Geoffrey Richmond has appeared a little humble, back to those days when you could find him answering the club phone (or even taking orders for tickets for the Wembley game, as he did for me). This relative tragedy (I say relative because lets all remember Sept 11 and put this in perspective) has had the positive effect of at least trying to get Bradford City, OUR club, back on a even keel. This may signal the return of the club to the fans and we can once more feel like a big family again.

Moving forward I think the club needs a clear out from Chairman to Board to Chief Executive, these are the people who have ruined this club and a new breath of fresh air, much like Mr Richmond brought in Bradford City, all those years ago himself.

I hope Nicky Law remains Team Manager and the policy he appears to have embarked upon reaches fruition. MIchael Standing, Tom Kearney, Danny Cadamarteri and Mark Bower - there are 4 players to start with that can establish this club as a fine 1st division team. Stuff promotion to the Premiership, lets get established again right where we are.

The Administrator (maybe he should become the new Chief Executive?) has announced today that some very positive events have taken place in the past 24 hours, this can only be a good thing. It seems local businesses may well be willing to take some financial hits as long as Bradford City stay an important part of the community.

Mr Richmond says it is time for the fans to stick together, I can only think it is Mr Richmond himself that has divided the fans in the first place, and a new beginning, a new horizon, with a new Captain aboard the ship is the only outcome that will bring this club back together again.

I look forward to the new man's arrival on the Good Ship BCFC, cause any delay, any return of Mr Richmond and The Good Ship will once again become a sinking ship.

I want to fall in love with this club again. I hope I'm not waiting too long.

All the best. Bradford City will win this one.

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