The Jonathan Jackson Column

Wednesday 02 January, 2002

Here is Nicky

The wait is over. The talk of short lists next week, Peter Egotistical Jackson already having been offered the job and no rush were all a big ruse.

After a mere 7 days Mr R has taken the plunge and an appointment has been made. Enter one Nicky Law as the new incumbent at Valley Parade.

Good luck Nicky, you'll need it because the question or comment on most peoples lips is going to be Nicky who ? and what makes him good enough to manage BCFC in preference to Stuart or other candidates ?

Well Alta Vista draws a blank, the nearest being a porn site called NickyLove,

Jeeves doesn't seem to rate him either, and thinks that Chesterfield Football Club has something to do with buying a sofa for your living room !

Lycos blew a gasket when asked and refused to open.

So who is he?

Well he is big and bald, looks hard and would make mince meat out of Vinnie (Jones) in a fist fight. A rival for Eddie Youds in the hardest BCFC employee ever stakes. Brian Laws (not his dad by the way) wouldn't throw tea cups at him the way he did at that Italian fella who now manages Dundee.

Oh and he also took Chesterfield to promotion last year after a 9 point deduction for "financial irregularities".

Wether he can do the job remains to be seen, but for now at least, welcome to Bradford Mr Law. (Is your assistant manager called Mr Order by any chance).

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