The Roland Harris Column


Ciba Stand regular Roland Harris rose to "fame" with a series of forthright/rude messages posted on the Bradford City FC site and has since developed a following for his from the hip views on City.

Born in 1982 Roland does not remember his first game at City but it was in the early 1990s. His favourite City game ever is the win at Wolves in 1999.

Roland misses Ole Bjorn Sundgot and thinks that Robbie Blake is "Not all that".

When he is not watching City Roland is one of those annoying kids who hand around the front of the Police Station skateboarding.


The elephant in the corner is Ashley Ward

Of course everyone else is too polite to mention it, after all, elephants in polite society represent something of a social faux pas but never the less there it is.

Do You Call Yourself a Supporter?

It says that a supporter backs a team through thick and thin. It says that a supporter gets behind the team, that a supporter works with the team, not against it. From the disgraceful display of some people at VP on Boxing Day I'm saying that City do not have as many supporters as we think.

On taking Mrs Roland to the football

Wimen eh? Civilise us fellas don't they? Make us think about more than what we would want to think about. So what's the problem. The problem is that a seat next to me for the Southampton game has come up. Mrs Roland knows about it, she might be expecting to sit in it.